The Importance of Emergency Kits

Have you ever been unprepared during an emergency situation? Was there something that you could have done to avoid being unprepared?

Wedding emergencies are actually more common than people think. Now, you might be thinking, what is an emergency that could happen at a wedding that you could actually prepare for? How do you even prepare when you don’t know what is going to happen? Well, I am here to answer all of these questions for you!

Emergency kits are essential on your wedding day to avoid any mishaps that may put a damper on your day! What is an emergency kit? It is a bag of items that you may need at any point during your wedding day in case something goes wrong. You don’t want to have to use your emergency kit but if you have one, then at least you’re prepared and your mind will feel more at ease.

What could happen that you may need an emergency kit for?

I have had multiple weddings where I have gone into the bridal suite and something was going wrong. Some examples would be a zipper breaking on a dress, a brides hair falling out of place after her beauty team left, and even the brides wedding dress having a huge makeup stain on it. I’ve also had to hand sew a wedding dress strap back on 5 minutes before the ceremony… As an Event Coordinator, I always have an emergency kit as well because you never know when you might need something in that bag. Luckily I was prepared for all of these situations and managed to use my emergency kit to get them resolved!

Here is a list of what you should include in your kit based on my experience:

  1. a sewing kit with mini scissors and safety pins
  2. fashion tape
  3. tylenol
  4. tampons
  5. bobby pins/hair clips
  6. hair ties
  7. make up wipes
  8. deodorant
  9. tweezers
  10. tide to go
  11. band aids
  12. clear nail polish
  13. your nail color polish (in case of chipping)
  14. eye lashes and glue
  15. super glue
  16. travel tooth brush and toothpaste
  17. breath mints
  18. lotion
  19. hairspray
  20. hair brush
  21. nail clippers/file
  22. sole inserts
  23. lip stick/gloss/chapstick
  24. Q tips
  25. lint roller
  26. flip flops for dancing
  27. small mirror
  28. blotting papers
  29. tissue
  30. earring backs
  31. gum
  32. baby powder
  33. floral pins

There are some emergency kits you can buy online such as these:

Or you can make your own at home, which I personally recommend so that you can ensure you have everything you might need!

An emergency kit might save your wedding day so be sure to start getting yours together today! It’s never too early to plan and be prepared!!

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