Must Have Photos with your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen are your closest friends, your boys for life, the people you want standing next to you while you marry the love of your life so of course you need to take some great photos with them! These photos should be amazing, funny, and maybe even a little bit cute. These should be photosContinue reading “Must Have Photos with your Groomsmen”

Must Have Photos with your Bridesmaids

We have talked about the importance and significance of wedding photos in the past! They are so important because they are something that you can look back on for years to come and remember the amazing day that your wedding was. When thinking about the photos that people want for their wedding day, they oftenContinue reading “Must Have Photos with your Bridesmaids”

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Did your significant other pick out the perfect engagement ring and propose? Yay, then congratulations are in order! Now that you have the perfect ring, are you confused about if you need to purchase a wedding band as well? Why can’t you simply wear your engagement ring after the wedding? Why do you need aContinue reading “Engagement & Wedding Rings”