Writing your Wedding Speech

Is it time to write that ever so feared speech you’re supposed to give for your friends wedding? Are you feeling nervous because you aren’t great at public speaking? Maybe you’re scared because you are going to be in front of a large crowd where you don’t know the large majority of the people andContinue reading “Writing your Wedding Speech”

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

When planning your wedding, every single aspect is optional except for one. The one absolute essential needed in order to begin planning your wedding is a venue. You won’t be able to pick an official wedding date, plan your décor, hire a caterer, etc. until you have a place to gather with family and friendsContinue reading “Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue”

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Bridesmaid dresses are well known for being ugly, uncomfortable, and something that your bridesmaids are never going to want to wear ever again. In the last few years, that unfortunate trend has been delightfully changing. Now dress designers are mimicking trends seen on the runway so that the entire bridal crew looks as sharp asContinue reading “Bridesmaid Dress Trends”