The Importance of Emergency Kits

Have you ever been unprepared during an emergency situation? Was there something that you could have done to avoid being unprepared? Wedding emergencies are actually more common than people think. Now, you might be thinking, what is an emergency that could happen at a wedding that you could actually prepare for? How do you evenContinue reading “The Importance of Emergency Kits”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When I began working events, I was an Assistant Event Coordinator for a venue being trained by the current Event Coordinator. We began working on what was our second wedding of the year and I just got thrown right in there to help! She began showing me the ropes and was right there at thisContinue reading “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

Bride’s Drunk Uncle Slaps My A**

Yeah…this is a fun one! I’m going to discuss the time the bride’s drunk uncle grabbed my a**…more than once. This wedding was seriously gorgeous and the couple was so soooo sweet! They were very easy going and amazing to work with from the beginning. You could tell that they were deeply in love withContinue reading “Bride’s Drunk Uncle Slaps My A**”

The One Where the Bride & Groom Almost Fist Fight

Oh yes, you did read that title correctly! This is the one where I discuss the time that a bride and groom almost got in a fist fight during one of my weddings. Such a fun night to remember…NOT!!! Let’s start from the beginning so you can get the full picture of what happened. TheContinue reading “The One Where the Bride & Groom Almost Fist Fight”

How to Deal with your Postponed Wedding

So you were trying to plan a wedding that got postponed because of coronavirus? HOW FRICKING ANNOYING! Trust me though, you are not alone!! So many weddings have been postponed this year due to this pandemic and it has been tough! Tough on the couples and also tough on the entire wedding industry. Having groupContinue reading “How to Deal with your Postponed Wedding”

My Big Fat Virgin Wedding

Everyone starts as a virgin at something! There is a time when every single person does something new that they have never done before. My virgin wedding was one of the scariest, most nerve wracking, yet exciting times of my life! What if I accidentally messed something up? What if I didn’t actually know whatContinue reading “My Big Fat Virgin Wedding”