Wedding Planning Wednesday

Weekly Wednesday Wedding Planning Session Videos will be posted here!

Let’s make the wedding of your dreams a reality!

Not quite sure how wedding seating charts work? This is sooo the video for you!

Not sure how to begin with your wedding timeline? Watch this video for timing and order for your wedding day!

Learn the traditional ceremony processional order now!

Let’s talk about the various wedding bar styles and learn a bit more about what each one entails!

Learn some easy napkin folds that I often see at weddings. It’s fun, I promise!

Let’s discuss each type of wedding menu style and go a bit more into depth about what they entail.

Need help creating a guest list or maybe even cutting people from it? This video will give you all of the pro tips you need to get it right!

January 6, 2021

Budgeting for a wedding can be extremely challenging but is extremely important. Don’t forget to watch this video about wedding budgeting where I give you tips and even some budget saving ideas as well!

December 30, 2020

Need to learn more about researching and vetting your wedding vendors to know who will fit the mold? WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

December 23, 2020

Join me as I discuss hiring a wedding planner vs. planning the entire wedding on your own! Lots to learn in this video!

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